Thursday, January 19, 2012

December until now.

To everybody who reads my blog! In December I started learning multiplication like 9x3=27 now I am starting division but I am still doing multiplication. Guess what I am almost done with the Sorcerer's Stone. That is all bye.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Home school

I have learned a lot in home school so far.

I spent a day at the zoo this week, and I met some zoologists there and they taught me about animals. I even got to see lions real close up.

I can add really big numbers in math. It is fun. I learned how to carry numbers!

I learned that Venus is hotter then Mercury even though Mercury is closer to the sun. I learned that Earth spins on its axis. I learned about the Prime Meridian and the Equator and that the closer you are to the Equator, the warmer it is. The Equator is a latitude line, and the Prime Meridian is a longitude line. Latitude divide the north north and south, and longitude divide them east and west. Climate is the weather in different places. Places with the same climate are called biomes. Biomes are usually on the same latitude line.

I learned how to play the piano kind of! It was fun.

For my first art project, I painted with water colors about what I did that week. It was lots and lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lots more!!!! Its lots funner then public school because I have learned a lot and Mama teaches them in fun ways!

Friday, May 27, 2011

This week at school.

On monday I had a normal day. On tusday I had a normal day. on wensday I had a normal day. On Thursday I went on a museum walk and today I had fun! Next week is the last week of school. Woo Hoo!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My day!

Today is monday I went to GT! Me and Triston made tangrams! I had steak fingers for lunch. Me and my best freind Kaitlyn always sit together at lunch and always play together at recess. I was at listing center. My teacher mrs skonning moved Kaitlyn behind me and moved Alex beside me. My mom picked me up from school today.

Monday, February 7, 2011

my family.

I have 6 people in my family. There names are Philip
me Penelope Sarah Lucas Greta.
There ages are 0 1 5 6 29 30 . I love my family very much. i love to right on my blog my mom and my dad have blogs to. Mamas a real good cook my dad works at a high school my brother loves legos greta crys a lot penelope goes around being cute

Friday, January 28, 2011

My first post

I'm 6 years old. My name is Helen. I'm in kindergarten. My family has 6 people in it. today school got snowed out. I'm having fun at home we've played lots of games and wii. we go back to school on monday. i think the 100th day of school is on wensday.